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On the Go Smoothie

This on the go smoothie is my absolute favorite. I’ll often blend it up real quick when I want a fast, health-packed breakfast that’s also super yummy.

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Welcome to Reform Stead!

Hey there!! Welcome to Reform Stead!

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Reform Stead Giveaway

Check it out and see if there's a giveaway you can enter now!

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Bee Baby Shower Cake

Here's a great natural bee themed baby shower cake you can make! I made this last week and it was a real hit! Gluten free, and all natural homemade food colors. #cake #beetheme #babyshower

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Arizona Gardening Summers: June & July (Zone 9)

Desert gardening in the summers is a challenge. Arizona's desert is not inviting of lush green veggies. But there are things you can do and plant in the months of June and July all of you zone 9, low-desert gardeners. #arizonagardening #summers #zone9 #phoenix

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Poultry Record Keeping Templates: Egg Records

Start your poultry record keeping templates with this egg record sheet. Keep track of how many eggs your chickens are laying with this cute printable cheat-sheet. #backyardchickens #chickens #eggs

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How Do You Keep Chickens Cool in the Summer?

How do you keep your chickens cool this summer? Great question! Here are some tips and tricks to help your flock handle the heat. #backyardchickens #chickens #homesteading

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My Favorite Blogging Tools

There is a lot that goes into blogging. Here are a few of my favorite blogging tools I'm sure you'll love as well!

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Planting a Chicken Garden By Season: Spring

Did you know you can grow food for your chickens in your garden? In this article, I go over what you can plant for you chickens this spring. #chickens #gardening #homesteading

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The Best Way to Stake a Tree

There are lots of ways to stake a tree, but do you know the best way? Learn how to stake your tree the right way today. #gardening #staketree #orchard #homesteading

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Homesteader's Elite

Check out our new addition to the website! Get great homestead printables for free when you join the Homesteader's Elite. This is a group for those who want some homestead cheat-sheets and printables. #homesteading

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13 Unusual Garden Vegetables for the Heirloom Gardener

Unusual garden vegetables are a great way to have produce coming from your garden with character and unique variety. These vegetables are unusual and beautiful. I know you're going to love growing these fun heirloom varieties! #unusualvegetables #togrow #gardening

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Garden Seeds and Plants: The 7 Best Companies to Get Yours

Garden seeds and plants are the most basic and important part of backyard gardening. There are so many things a gardener can invest in, but finding quality seeds is essential. Check out my seven favorite places to look for seeds, trees, and more. #gardening #seeds

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How to Use a Vegetable Garden Planner

Are you ready to organize your vegetable garden? Learn how to use your 200+ page vegetable garden planner, and get your garden organized even better this year. #vegetablegardenplanner #gardeningforbeginners #gardeningbinder #gardeningplans #printable #binder #planner

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The Ultimate Vegetable Garden Planner

Need to organize your gardening and keep better records this year? Here’s a 200+ page vegetable garden planner, with lots of journaling pages, charts & more to help you get organized. #gardeningforbeginners #gardeningbinder #gardeningplans #printable #binder

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Backyard Homestead: A Beginners Guide on How to Start Today!

Start backyard homesteading with this quick-start guide for beginners & beyond. Turn your homestead dreams into reality! #homesteadingforbeginners #homesteading #permaculture #sustainable #frugal #selfsufficient #ideas #homesteading101 #diy #homesteadingskills #urban

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Five Gallon Buckets for Free

Five gallon buckets add up fast when you consider how many a homestead will need. However, you can stop spending money on them. They are actually very easy to find for free! Learn how in this first frugal homesteading article. #fivegallonbuckets #frugal #homesteading

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8 Best Feeders for Feeding Backyard Chickens

Feeding backyard chickens is always nicer with a custom DIY feeder. Check out these 8 best feeder ideas to build your perfect automatic chicken food feeder today! #backyardchickens #feeders #food #raisingchickens #sustainable #frugal #savemoney #chickens #beginners #best

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Homesteading for Beginners: Start Your Homestead in 5 Steps Today!

Backyard homesteading is a dream for many, but are you ready to start yours now? In this article we will learn the 5 steps you need to start your homestead today. Backyard homesteading for beginners. #homesteadingforbeginners #homesteading #howtostart

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Backyard Permaculture Zones

Backyard permaculture zones are key to a successful homestead layout. Understanding and using zones is critical for a sustainable lasting design. Learn the principles behind why you need zones and how to set them up on your homestead.

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20 Best Goat Breeds

Goat breeds directory for beginners! Get the best goat breed for your homestead and you’ll be set for years. Milk goats, meat goats and dual purposed goats are all compared in the following easy-to-use guide.

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Herbal Infusions for Beginners

Herbal infusions for beginners! Find lots of nourishing recipes you can make to boost your health. Start learning how to make your own today.

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The Best Poultry Watering Systems for Chickens + Rainwater Harvesting

Find the best DIY poultry watering systems for your chickens. Here is a look at all the different poultry waterers and why some are better in some situations than others. Also, at the end we'll cover rainwater harvesting systems for your flock.

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DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces

Beautiful DIY mason jar centerpieces for Christmas. They’re easy to adapt & make for weddings, for graduations, or for birthdays! Very rustic & glittery, perfect for country-homestead decorations.

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Raising Chickens: The Best Beginners Guide

Raising chickens can be a challenge. Not going broke over their feed bill and doing a good job all-around is difficult. Here's your free, online handbook to saving money, growing feed, health, coops, tractors, frugal ideas and more!

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Arizona Gardening: A Permaculture Garden Design

Arizona gardening calls for a permaculture garden design--even in small backyards. Learn great water saving methods for our Phoenix summers. Vegetable gardening can be hard in our harsh desert climate, but with the right methods, we live in one of the best states!

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Natural Eye Infection Remedy for Rabbits, Cows, Goats, Sheep

A natural eye infection remedy for your cow, rabbit, goat or sheep. It's a simple, easy and a very effective homestead remedy that I tried on our animals a while back. I've had great results! Plus, it's just one simple kitchen ingredient.

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Chicken Tractor Designs

Chicken tractor designs for your meat chickens. Free Dimensions (DIY Plans) with wheels for your broilers’ moveable and portable coop. For free-range, pastured chickens on grass. Simple and easy to make.

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Squash Recipes

Find 100+ squash recipes to use up an abundant squash harvest from your garden. When squash is in season you can’t have too many recipes. Find the right easy squash recipe for you. Summer & winter squash, zucchini and more!

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What Do Chickens Eat?

What do chickens eat? Here is your guide to feeding chickens. With 107 kinds of food to feed your backyard hens and roosters. Perfect DIY list of ideas to have for beginners.

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Best Meat Chickens Chart

Get your best meat chickens chart! 12 meat chicken breeds which are great for raising on your homestead. Heritage and cross-bred broilers are compared. An instant download you can print out now.

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Meat Chicken Breeds

Here are 12 of the best meat chicken breeds for raising on your homestead. A great list for beginners who are looking to raise broilers. Both cross-bred & heritage breeds are compared here.

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Vanilla Extract Recipe

This vanilla extract recipe is easy to make yummy and homemade. An great DIY recipe that will give a delicious hint of vanilla to any batch of cookies. Use this extract in your favorite recipe!

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Raising Geese: 5 Tips for Gosling Health

Here are 5 tips to take raising geese to the next level. These are simple tips you can apply to set your goslings on a path to a long, vigorous healthy life. Homesteading beyond the basics!

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Raising Geese: Setting Up a Brooder

Raising geese starts with baby goslings. Learn how to set up a brooder and get your geese off to a healthy start—for beginners. Geese are an easy way to add variety to your meat sources along with diversity to your pasture and homestead terrain.

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25 Ways to Use Goat Milk

Dairy goat milk is a wonderful resource on the homestead. Once you start milking goats you’ll have times when you have way more milk than your family can drink! Here are lots of ways to get your brain thinking and solve that problem of excess milk.

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The Best Organic Fertilizer: Extra Milk (or Whey)

Extra milk or whey is an amazing organic fertilizer to build natural fertility! In your orchard, pasture and garden it is a completely natural, holistic and Organic option.

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