Planting a Chicken Garden By Season: Spring

Chickens love fresh veggies, and fruits. One great way to cut back on feed costs and make your chickens happy is to grow produce for your flock.

Cutting back on chicken's feed's costs is a passion of mine (cause they're way too expensive otherwise). However, you don't have to have a "chicken garden" to cut costs and feed your flock fresh produce.

You can grow food for them in your garden right along side your families produce, by just planting a little extra.

Maat from has invited me to start a series over on her blog about what you can plant for chickens by season and by zone (I cover zones 3-9 and in this article what you can plant from the months April to June).

Check it out below to learn what you can plant for your flock this Spring. Happy planting! :D

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