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Hi! I'm Julia. I live in Arizona on 2.5 acres, with HOT summers, lots of cacti and amazing sunsets! A sinner saved by grace first and foremost, I'm also a homeschool graduate living with my family at home and serving the King, Jesus Christ, above all.

That's what I'm doing now, but it didn’t start like this. Although I have lived here in Arizona all my life, both my dad and mom grew up back east...and homesteading was the farthest thing from their minds. They moved to, met, and married in Arizona, and That’s where I was born. The oldest of six.

Starting in the city, every time we moved we kept getting farther and farther from it...living on a slightly larger piece of land each time, than the spot before. Starting at walking distance to the grocery store, to now the two stores we shop at the most (Costco and sprouts), being over 30 minutes away.

Every morning I wake up my siblings and we head out for chores. I give them jobs and keep them busy with gardening, milking and more for an hour every morning. If I can’t find them a chore, they get off early, but I think they’d all tell you—that’s a rare day. 

I blog about my homesteading adventure here at ReformStead.com—everything homesteading for the glory of God!

When I’m not milking goats, mulching fruit trees, or cooking dinner, you’ll probably find me reading a book, listening to a sermon while sewing a jean skirt, playing a hymn or Vivaldi on my violin, taking photos and writing for my blog, or enjoying God’s beautiful creation! 

That’s about it. You’ll find me raising guineas, making dinner, milking goats, and writing about it all, out on our piece of Arizona desert. 

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Soli Deo Gloria!  (Glory Be to God Alone!)

~ Julia