The Backyard Homestead: A Beginner's Quick-Start Guide to begin Homesteading Today!

Start backyard homesteading with this quick-start guide for beginners & beyond. Turn your homestead dreams into reality! #homesteadingforbeginners #homesteading #permaculture #sustainable

Find backyard homestead skills and ideas for beginners and beyond (like you) who want to live a self-sufficient life and raise their own food. We're going to learn how to get your homestead up and running, and then we're going to delve into topics like:

  • How to start a homestead
  • Why you need permaculture on the homestead
  • How to be frugal on the homestead
  • Skill you can start learning today
  • And more!

So hang in there as we start turning your homestead dreams into reality as we build your homestead from the ground up.

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The Backyard Homesteader's Guide

Table of Contents 

  • How to Start Your Homestead
  • Learn NOW! (No matter where you live)
  • Frugality on the Homestead
  • Become a Quick Learner!

Homesteading for Beginners: How to Start

"101 Things on My List...Where Do I Start?!"

Homesteading = lots of work

In close to every case, it's work that (we feel) needs to be done at the same time--right away.

But that can't happen.

As much as you may like to think you can do it all at once, when reality sets in no matter how hard a worker you are, you have realize it's impossible to do it all at once.

Here you can learn how to sort out your workload and take first steps, first. Planning as you will see is an important part of learning to do things in the right order. However, even if your not a big panner you can learn to set the big goals and stay on track as you build your homestead. Either way, you need a goal and a focus that achieves the end result your aiming for.

Read the articles below and then check out the homestead planner to turn your homesteading dreams into a reality! 

Learn Now! (no matter where you live)

There are so many skills required to run a homestead. The best part of it is you can start learning something from this list right now! You don't need to wait for anything.

You can do the simple tasks like masker the art of bread making or cheese making while still in an apartment. Or grow some herbs on a window sill and make lip balm. Some suburban neighborhoods will even allow a small flock of chickens. Whatever your situation, here are some skills you can start learning today! 

Homestead Management & Planning

There is some overlap between starting a homestead (above) and planning on the homestead--simply because it's best to start right away. However, this topic is so important I wanted to give it it's own special area. 

I'll admit, this is not really my strong point. *cringe* 


I said it.

Planning is always an area I'm trying to improve in. I'm fine at starting, it's just sticking with it that is the hard part. I'm still learning.

There is really nothing really new or out of the ordinary to learn about homestead management or planning. If you are already good at management and planning in other areas of your life (like personal or work) you're going to use the same fundamental principles. All you need to do now is to hone in on how to apply them to your homestead. 

For more planning information...

I'm working on this part still.

I did just make some bullet planner pages you can print and add to a binder if you prefer them over lined note paper. You can check them out on Etsy. I have three styles to make them a little more fun. :-) 

Permaculture Design on the Homestead

Incorporating permaculture on the homestead is essential to a low-waste, sustainable system. As you'll se with permaculture, it really attempts to make the best of any given situation. Zoning and water-wise designs are two important aspects. 

Frugality on the Homestead

Here are a few tips, in addition to the articles below:

  • Shop at goodwill, yard sales, eBay, etc.
  • Sell extra eggs, produce and more from the homestead
  • Spend money on the perennials (animals, fencing, structures, etc.) instead of the annuals (hay, feed, etc.) you have to re-buy every time.

Homesteading Animals

There are many kinds of animals to be had on the homestead. Along with getting them all *winky face* you need to know how to raise and care for them. Here is a selection of articles to get you started. 

Become a Quick Learner =)

The sooner you:

  1. Realize your mistakes
  2. See how you could have done better
  3. Take real note for next time
  4. See a change in the next time around

...that's when you know your learning. Acknowledging your mistakes is the first step. 

Although beginning a homestead isn't easy (well, and neither is keeping up with a well-seasoned homestead), if you realize that and learn to enjoy the learning process you'll become a quick learner much fasterand have fun! :-)

Happy backyard homesteading! 

Start backyard homesteading with this quick-start guide for beginners & beyond. Turn your homestead dreams into reality! #homesteadingforbeginners #homesteading #permaculture #sustainable

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