Why "Reform Stead"?

"Reform" Stands For Reformation

When I say Reform or Reformation I mean two things.

First, my use of the word Reform refers to the Protestant Reformation. 

What was the Protestant Reformation?

“The Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth Century...was a spirit-produced revival and reformation of church and culture by the Word of God--the greatest since the days of the Apostles.” 

-2,000 Years Christian Theology, By Dr. Joseph Morecraft III

Second, by saying Reform I’m referring to action...To reform, or make something better. 

Here’s a great definition of reform from Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary:  

“To abandon that which is evil or corrupt, and return to a good state; to be amended or corrected.” 

So Remember: Keep you roots in the Reformation’s solid teaching, as you reform, revive, and make better you homestead.

“Stead” Stands For Homestead

HOMESTEADING! That’s what the info on my site is all about.

I couldn’t find a good definition for homesteading. So here’s mine...

Homesteading: The act of making your land and home, however small, into a productive, resourceful, useful, beautiful and Christ honoring location. Essentially, taking dominion (Genesis 1: ) for the glory of God!

You may have a few potted herbs in your kitchen windowsill, or fifty acres with rotationally-grazing cattle, either way you're homesteading.

The Definition of Reform Stead...

As we keep our roots in the Reformation’s solid teaching...

We reform, revive, and make better our homestead...

Making it a productive, resourceful, useful, beautiful and Christ honoring location...

Taking dominion (Genesis 1:28) for the glory of God!

What Does Soli Deo Gloria Mean?

Soli Deo Gloria was one of the five solas (or onlys) of the Reformation. They’re all great, but this one has been called by many the most important sola of the Reformation. 

Soli Deo Gloria is latin for, Glory Be To God Alone.

So why did I choose this one? No matter what you're doing on your homestead, EVERYTHING should be done...

To The Glory Of God Alone!

ReformStead -- Soli Deo Gloria!


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