Hi. My Name Is Julia...

First and foremost, I am a Christian. I desire to love and serve the Lord in every area of my life. All of Scripture to All of life...

Because of that, I love anything homesteading/homemaking. Anything with chickens, goats, watermelons, squash, recipes, kefir, DIY, or canning, is my kind’a thing.

Are you trying to get your homestead up and running? Or you might have a homestead, and as always, you are looking for more tips to keep it going...

For those of you who like living away from the city, and collecting eggs from your own chickens...jump on board and follow along as I share my homesteading life with you!

Why Homesteading?

Right now, I homestead with my family, out in the HOT DRY desert of Phoenix Arizona. On 2.5 acres, with summer highs, getting into the 120’s. But it didn’t start like this...

Although I have lived here all my life, both my dad and mom grew up back east...and homesteading was the farthest thing from their minds. 

They moved to, met, and married in Arizona, and That’s where I was born. The oldest of six.

Starting in the city, every time we moved we kept getting farther and farther from it...living on a slightly larger piece of land each time, than the spot before. Starting at walking distance to the grocery store, to the store that we shop at the most now, being 40 minutes away.

Our family’s homesteading adventure didn’t happen in one day. As with many it started with chickens... (Well...I guess that we have had a little gardening going on and off before that, but the chickens really started it.)

Now we have goats, chickens, guineas, two Aussies (one that my sister is going to breed), rabbits, and are planning to get a milk cow this fall!

We also have a very large garden, that we are working on. We have planted some fruit trees, and are really trying to take dominion of this piece of desert that we are blessed to have.

I have been helping out in the kitchen for quite a while now. I love to cook up something new and fun, but also enjoy just the simple and easy recipes.

We don’t like what our food industry has done to our food. Changing the genetics of our vegetables, and putting so many things into "food" that you couldn't even pronounce the name if you wanted to...is not what we should be eating.

Growing your own food and cooking healthy recipes from scratch is important. You know that there is really food in your food. We need to take back the responsibility of our food quality.

Other homemaking tasks that I enjoy are sewing, and crafting. Making soaps and lip balm, and any other projects around the house.

In my free time, (when I am not reading a gardening book, or making up some mozzarella) I love to read reformed history books, while listening to Bach...or I like to play some Vivaldi on my violin.

That about sums me up. Raising chickens, cooking healthy recipes, and milking goats, out in the dry desert. Serving The Creator...

"So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom."

Psalm 90:12