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Homesteading Highlights No. 1
July 23, 2016

Hello ,

Here’s a collection of practical information to help you in your homesteading this month. Gardening, chicken raising, healthy recipes and the like are below. Enjoy!

Homestead Highlight #1. 8 Secrets For Arizona Gardening

How do you garden in the scorching hot desert? What is the best way to water a desert garden? Arizona gardening may have its challenges... But if you can get them right you can have a really stunning garden! -->

8 Secrets For Sucessful Arizona Gardening

Homestead Highlight #2. Our First Kidding Season

Our first goat kidding season was full of new challenges. I did lots of reading up on taking care of baby goats...and the kidding process. I was ready! But something I wasn’t expecting happened. -->

Lessons I Learned From Our First Kidding Season

Homestead Highlight #3. Why Start Growing Buckwheat?

There are so many amazing reasons to start growing buckwheat. Here are 9 reasons to start growing your own buckwheat today!

9 Reasons To Start Growing Buckwheat Today!

Homestead Highlight #4. The Easiest Sauerkraut Recipe

Do you love the taste of ferments? Never actually tried your hand at making it? Let me help you knead up a batch, with this easy to follow sauerkraut recipe. -->

Healthy Fermented Sauerkraut Recipe

Around Our Homestead...

Just finished planting a summer crop of corn, cowpeas, honeydew, and squash this morning. Looking forward to all the produce in a few months. :-)

And By The Way, it is HOT here in Arizona! I am looking forward to the cool months ahead...They will be here before you know it!

That’s it. Don’t forget to check over at the blog for new posts. Until next time!

Soli Deo Gloria,

Julia - Reform Stead

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