A History of the
Family Integrated Church Movement in America

God has done much in our country in the past 15 or so years. Something many people felt the need for in the year of our Lord, 2000 (and a little earlier) was brought to pass. Youth segregated ministry was  weakening, even destroying families. Then, God sent a revival. God sent men back to the Bible to search out how to do church and how to conduct family life. They copied the pattern laid out in the Bible and what we now know of as the family integrated churches movement, was started! Churches started keeping families together during the worship service can now be found scattered all across America. 

God has used these churches powerfully to turn hearts, lives and families back to Scripture and back to Him. These churches come from many theological and other contextual backgrounds. Each family in these churches has their own story, trials and victories...each has a testimony to God's sovereignty and grace. Slight as it may seem at the moment, these stories are part of that grand scheme of church history that God is weaving togetherthe most beautiful story of all! 

"I will praise You, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works." -Psalm 9:1

A Story That Needed to Be Written...

I've grown up in a family integrated church since I was seven.

My dad attended the first Uniting Church and Home Conference in 2001, and our family was one of the founding families of Heritage Baptist Church, currently meeting in Goodyear Arizona. I’ve loved listening to my dad, mom and others in our church tell stories about those early days and seeing firsthand how God has used it to have an impact on me, my family and others in our church. God gave Heritage a beautiful story, but we aren't the only ones God has used in His grand scheme...  

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