A History That Needs to Be Written...

I've grown up in our family integrated church since I was seven. 

My dad attended the first Uniting Church and Home Conference in 2001, and our family was one of the founding families of Heritage Baptist Church, currently meeting in Goodyear Arizona. I’ve loved listening to my dad, mom and others in our church tell stories about those early days and seeing firsthand how God has used it to have an impact on me, my family and others in our church. God gave Heritage a beautiful story.

In about 2000, families started practically following the patterns laid out in the Bible in their families and churches. Thus was birthed the family integrated churches! Here’s that history…

The History of How This Book Came About...

Because of growing up with all those stories, I recently decided to write a book about the history of our church. I've always thought, "Someone needs to write all this down (the farthest person from my mind was me!). Children yet unborn need to know what our fathers have gone through. Things haven't always been this way. God has woven together an amazing story!"

I've always wished my dad, or another of the pastors I know would write it all down...but life is busy. Sure, they would love to write it all down, but that takes time and, as I'm finding out, it's a big job! 

It hit me one day when I was listening to my dad tell one of the stories related to our church that I could write it! I could interview the families, men and pastors in our church and write it down. My family liked the idea too, and that's how I got started.

The Topic Broadens...

When I talked to one of our pastors, Jason Young, he encouraged me to also write about the Family Integrated Church Movement in general. I wasn't sure at first. That would mean a lot more research, work and time, but as I thought about it more, the idea grew on me.

The Work Begins...

I knew one of the first people I'd want to contact was Pastor Scott Brown of the NCFIC (National Center for Family Integrated Churches). I emailed him and he gave me a list of ten churches and their pastors to get in contact with. I'm currently contacting them and a few others for information for the book.

My Plans & Release Date...

  • I'm currently (October 2017) interviewing pastors and collecting information I need to write the book.
  • The plan is to write the whole first-draft of this book in November 2017.
  • After that I'll take a several months do lots of editing and rewriting to get it ready for publishing.

Lord willing to be released in June, the year of our Lord 2018!

(For our church's 15th year anniversary!) :)

God has done so much with this project already and I'm looking forward to seeing what else He has in store for this history book! I stand in awe at how far it has come already. I love and serve a mighty God who chooses to use a weak and unfit vessel like me to write down His awesome story. I pray it will be to His glory, and know it will only be through His abundant grace!

About the Author...Or Rather, the Compiler of Information

Hi! My name is Julia Hubler. I am a Christian first and foremost. I desire to love and serve Jesus Christ our King in every area of my life and bring all glory to God alone. 

I have been going to Heritage Baptist Church, currently meeting in Goodyear, Arizonasince I was seven. God, in His grace, used our family to be part of starting Heritage back in June of 2003. Heritage has had a major influence on my life in countless ways! I've grown so much and could never imagine my life without Heritage. I've also seen Him use her for the salvation and sanctification of so many. This love for our special story and a love for church history in general is what led to the writing of this book.

By His sovereignty, I live with my parents and five younger siblings in the hot dry desert of Arizona. We live on 2.5 acres, where we have a mini farm or homestead. I blog about our homesteading adventure at ReformStead.com—everything homesteading for the glory of God!and also published a book, The Holistic Homestead in 2017. When I’m not milking goats, mulching fruit trees, or cooking dinner, you’ll probably find me reading a book, listening to a sermonwhile sewing a jean skirt, playing a hymn or Vivaldi on my violin, taking photos and writing for my blog, or enjoying (and often singing in) God’s beautiful creation!

Soli Doe Gloria! (To God Be All the Glory!)

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